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Tess Johnson Photography RANT

Hi Knotties!
I've never posted before and wanted to give you all a review of a sexy b-session I had with Tess last year.
First off, I did the pics for my fiance's gift for the night before the wedding. I scheduled a session with her and traveled to her studio in Portland ME on a saturday morning. My session lasted about an hour, I changed three times and she did my hair and makeup. I loved my hair and make up and she had a cool studio also. The whole time I was there all she did was complain about how tired she was, how sick she was a few months ago...blah, blah, blah. She also asked how I found her, and I told her the knot. She then said, oh those knot girls!  They can be so brutal! And proceeded to tell me the story of how she was a professional makeup artist for weddings in california and a bad review basically put her out of business! (After my experience with her, I'm sure it was far more than one bad review!!)\

I was promised a teaser shot within a day or two of the shoot. It took a week of me emailing to get one teaser shot to my email. After that, she had me pick my favorite 30 shots for a "little black book" for my fiance. It took almost two months to get these, again, with a few emails bugging her to see them. I was told they would be ready in a month. So, within the day, I picked my shots and sent her back an email with the list of my prefered photos. She stated that she would get to work on my book and I should have it in about two weeks.

A month later, I was told it was in the mail. A week after that, I was told her husband never took it to the post office. A week after THAT, it was again blamed on her husband and she said she would get it right out. Another week goes by and I recieve my book. WHAT A JOKE!!!

She had printed off the pics at CVS and put them in a black crappy photobook that you could get at the dollar store. They were mounted on cut pieces of printer paper, which were affixed to the paper by rolled up pieces of packing tape (I couldn't make this up people!).  I was so frustrated, I had to remount the pics in a nice album myself. When I took them out to put them in another album-the date and time was scrolled across the back of all the prints. The date listed was about three days before I had recieved the book.

She hadn't even put together the book or printed prints until the morning she put it in the mail.

I emailed her to complain, and asked if I could get a copy of the images on a CD to print out more pictures. She never emailed back.


Her pictures may be beautiful-but who knows if you'll ever recieve them!
Totally unprofessional, unreliable and overall disappointing!
Hope this helps any knotties looking for a Bpics photog! I know there are some fabulous ones out there-dont' waste your money on Tess Johnson.

Re: Tess Johnson Photography RANT

  • britafricabritafrica member
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    edited December 2011
    I had an equally bad experience.  Her photos were beautiful and she is truly talented. But when it came time for her to fulfill the order (of what I paid for in advance) she LACKED timeliness, professionalism, and any business sense.  She came up with  excuses for over a year... and I've not yet received any photos I paid for!  At this point she's promised a refund, which I've yet to see.  

    Knotties beware of Tess Johnson Photography, she is good at taking photos... but does it matter if you can never get them to enjoy? Frown

    Don't waste your time or money.
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