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Announcing engagement...some questions

I am not exactly engaged yet, but I know it's coming. My question is, when t does happen, how did everyone tell their parents? I know my mom loves my BF, but she feels like we should wait until we're older to get married because of her own bad experiences. My boyfriend's mom with be absolutely thrilled (she already calls herself my MIL). My dad is the hardest, though; I don't know if I will even invite him to the wedding, because he is very critical, picky, and hates my mom and stepdad. My dad has also been very controlling of me, and is racist toward Mexicans (my BF is Mexican). In any case, what were your own experiences?
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Re: Announcing engagement...some questions

  • How old are you guys?  If you're both adults it's ultimatley your decision when you get married but I really value my mother's opinion so I know if she gave me advice I'd listen with an open heart.

    This sounds like a really awkward/difficult position you and BF are in and I'm sorry for that.  It's hard to offer sound advice because my parents and FI's parents were all involved and a part of our engagement.  FI asked for my father's blessing and invited my parents and his when he proposed.

    If you don't feel right in your heart and you don't think you have the support of your family perhaps it's appropriate to wait?  My suggestion is just to be open and honest about the whole thing and if your family loves you they will want to see you happy.

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  • Agree with pp that it doesn't have to be a big deal.  His parents are in town and mine aren't.  We dropped by his parents' house and I called my parents and then arranged a visit as soon as was practical afterwards to show my mother the ring (considering we had just been there in order for my fiance to ask their blessing!)

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