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Cupcakes in Syracuse

Any bakery recommendations for cupcakes in Syracuse?  I've heard good things about Bella Bakery and Cupcakes & Smiles.  Bella is half the price of Smiles, but Smiles offers a whole array of flavors.  I live out of town or you bet I would be driving around doing my own taste testing.  :)  Any feedback would be great.

Re: Cupcakes in Syracuse

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    I'm using Peggy's Sweet Creations............her cupcake are AMAZING and she will even fill them for you.
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    I used Bella bakery for my weding last May - and I got soooo many compliments on the cupcakes - people were going to other tables to steal them!

    The only downside: i dont know if she uses fondant - if thats what you want - mine had a buttercream frosting... I have picks if you want to see how thhey looked : email me vpshires at gmail dot com
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    I have had cupcakes from Bella before. They were fantastic. I would highly recommend them! I believe they offer more flavors than are listed on the website too.

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    Thanks everyone!
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