Okay I have a really strange question. Does the petticoat go under or over the long bra? I'm wearing a ball gown and between the bra, petticoat, and dress, I'm finding it uncomfortable in the rib cage. I dont think I can get away without a bra much less a regular strapless. I'm thinking if the petticoat was under the bra it might allow more breathing room. Any thoughts??

Re: Petticoat

  • If you can pull the petticoat up under your bra (by the top of your rib cage, I think. Does your petticoat have an eleastic band?) go for it. If that's more comfortable for you I don't see why not. There's no rule that you have to wear it on your waist or riding low on your hips. The only problem I foresee is how it changes the look of your skirt from the outside. If you pull it up, is the fullness of your ball gawn going to be oddly placed in the middle (by your knees, for example) instead of at the bottom? I don't know if I'm communicating this right, but in my head I'm picturing an unnatural poof where the knees would be under your dress, and then an unflattering drop off for the rest of the skirt. I guess I'm just wondering, if the fullest part of the petticoat (which I assume you want at the bottom of the skirt) will be higher up than you want if you yank it up like that. 

    But an easy way to figure that out is just to try on your dress with the petticoat pulled up. If it works, and you're comfortable wearing it that way, who'll know, care, or say otherwise!
  • I think it's meant to be worn right under the rib cage but by the time you put it on top of the bra, I have trouble getting comfy. The dress itself fits perfectly and if it weren't for the bra, I think I'd be okay but it's too late to try and go without it.
  • Ok, I totally misunderstood your question! Oops:) I thought you were asking if you could pull it up, but you're asking if it goes under or over a long bra. Gotcha! Reading comprehension FAIL! I think it's meant to go over. But as I said above, my philosophy for things no one can see but you, is if it doesn't effect the way your clothes look on the outside, and if it's more comfortable for you, wear it how you like. But yeah, I think it's supposed to go over a long bra. 
  • You could also post this on Attire and Accessories, I think many of the ladies there will have other input as well. If you do decide to post there, make sure you put XP (cross post) in the title.
  • I am a little late to the party, but I was told petticoat underneath long bra.  That's how I've worn it for all of my fittings and I have not been uncomfortable.
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