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Cocoa Beach Pier Wedding?

We're thinking of having our wedding at the Atlantic Ocean Grille in the Cocoa Beach Pier.  Has anyone had/been to a wedding there?  How was the overall experience? Was the food good? 

Thank you in advance for the feedback!

Re: Cocoa Beach Pier Wedding?

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    sorry, the only thing i know is that i'm pretty sure i emailed them and never got a response back. we're getting married in Melbourne instead. Smile
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           Wealmost had our wedding there, it seemed like it would have been nice.... But we changed our mind, kinda pricey...
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    I've never seen one there, but I've been to one at Cocoa Riverfront Park that was nice and the reception was at Miliken's which is SUPER nice.

    I've been to the pier to eat and it is good. But I don't know where you can do the ceremony, not on the pier, right?
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    If you don't mind me asking,How  much to have your recception at Miliken's?
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    I was thinking of having our rehearsal dinner at Milikens. Do you mind sharing the approx. cost?
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    I only went to the reception at Milliken's for my friend's wedding, so I don't know how much it was. I'd feel weird asking her how much it was per plate! but it couldn't have been that much because she was on a tigth budget (but that means different things to everyone I know). We had the little downstairs area by the bar and you could see the ships from the deck. And they let us do sparklers outside which was neat.

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    Thank you JackandJill. Looks like i'll have to look into. I have heard nothing but good things about Millikens. :)
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  • Getting married on the pier in May! Not sure if anyone ever experienced the pier and lived to tell about it (since I don't think there have been any updates, haha!) but I can't wait for my wedding there :) Reception will be at the Atlantic Ocean Grille. 
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