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After much thought and discussion, I finally decided to ask my brother to be a "brides bro" and stand on my side for the wedding. I really wanted him in the wedding party, but my FI didn't want to have him as a groomsman (and that was fine with me).

My bro had brought up the concern that he might stick out if he is standing on my side but dressed the same as all the groomsmen. While we haven't finalized the groomsmen attire yet, I understand his thinking. 

So my question is, should he match the groomsmen, or be different and somehow try to match the bridesmaids? My girls are wearing a light blue (Cinderella blue) dress with silver shoes. I was thinking of having the guys wear either gray or black tuxes with white shirts and light blue vests/ties.

Also, if anyone has had a bridesman, could you share some pictures, just so I can get a mental idea of what it will look like. Preferrably ones of the ceremony where everyone is on their "side". Thanks !

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  • Maybe you could have the groomsmen in just classic black tuxes with black vests or cummerbunds, and have your brother wear a vest that matches the bridesmaids?
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    [QUOTE]What the groomsmen wear is up to the groom, not the bride. They don't have to coordinate with the bridesmaids, since they aren't dates. You can dress your bridesbro any way you wish, since he's on your side.
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    <div>My FI does not care what groomsmen wear and wants me to pick it out. And I would like the wedding party to be coordinated since they will be standing/walking together and in pictures together.</div>
  • I personally vote for matching if you're doing matching BP attire otherwise.  But I'm probably biased b/c thats what we did.  Most of our photos the guys and girls are mixed up / together so you can't tell who was on which side, which is part of the reason I like the idea of them matching their gender; since that way they don't stick out.  I'm not saying they have to be clones - but if everyone's the same except your brother he'd stick out and usually if everyone the same but one it's the groom.

    Here are some photos from during our ceremony; when you can actually tell who's on which side.  I thought it looked pretty great, personally.

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    [QUOTE]We had mixed genders on both sides, so pics won't really help you most likely since it already looks "balanced". But all of our guys wore the same thing, black tux with a gray vest and black tie, and all of our women either wore celedon dresses or celedon tops and gray pants. Personally, I hate colored vests or ties on grown men because it feels like HS prom to me.
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    </div><div>This exactly. I hate colored vests and ties.  </div>

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  • In Response to Re:Bridesman/Bridesbro Attire and Pictures:[QUOTE]Do you colorcoordinate people every time you take a photo of them?It makes a photo look very bland, not exciting. What you will see, for example, of a blueandwhite wedding is..the sea of blue and white in the photos rather than the faces.nbsp; It looks like a line of cloned images.Break it up and make it look interesting. Posted by RetreadBride[/QUOTE]

    Actually, yes I do try to color coordinate when we are having photos taken. For family pictures, we have done jeans with white shirts. When my FI and I dress up for a nice night out or Christmas pictures, his tie or shirt color matches my dress.

    I like it that way, and that is what I would like for our wedding. My FI doesn't have any problems with this, so I'm not sure why you do. It's not your wedding.

    I was simply asking to see pictures from anyone who had mixed gender wedding parties and opinions for if my brides bro should match the groomsmen.

    Sorry if I upset you with my desire for color coordination.
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