Maggie Sottero - Poppy Dress

Does anyone in Northern California...or anywhere in California...have a Maggie Sottero "Poppy" dress?

Here is my story:

I've been to a dozen bridal salons, some better/worse than others, and ultimately tried on nearly 95 wedding gowns. I realize this is WAY too many, but I never had a "dream gown" and it took me a lot of work to figure out what I wanted for our wedding day.

I've called everywhere (not kidding) in California looking for this gown to try on and no one has it. I even called Maggie Sottero direct. It can still be ordered, it is not discontinued, and it isn't on Maggie's "loaner" program. I've tried on similar gowns, but I know this is the ONE...Like "butterflies in the stomach" sure that Poppy is meant for our wedding...

HELP?? Please?? Anyone??

Please post if you can help me track down a used gown/sample/anything to try on before I order. I don't care what color, and I'm a size 4, but I'll try on any size 0-14 if it means I get to see this dress.

Thank you!!!

Re: Maggie Sottero - Poppy Dress

  • Jill518Jill518 member
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    when is your wedding? I have this dress in size 10, diamond white. I am gettting married 6/25/11. Let me know if we can work somehting out. I could easily mail it to you after I have it cleaned!
  • jessb404jessb404 member
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    Hey Jill518,

    How much do you want for your used Poppy dress?  I would be wedding isn't until next year. 

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