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New Hampshire

ladies, i need your help!

My wedding is pretty far away and I don't know why this is bugging me soo bad but I want to get my color scheme set in stone so I can get ideas for some DIY projects (and stop wasting money on stuff I'm not going to use since we already changed the date and colors once)

But, I can't figure out which colors look right together. My main color is going to be a deep plum purple and I want to use burnt orange accents (like flowers & leaves for the fall) but I can't decide if silver goes with those two or if I should just suck it up and use gold (I feel like it doesn't go with my dress.. when we set a date the first time, our colors were silver & blues for a winter wedding and I ordered my dress white & silver and have silver jewelry to go with it) What do you think ladies? plum, burnt orange and silver or plum, burnt orange and gold? Thank you girls in advance!

Re: ladies, i need your help!

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    I personally am a fan of silver, so that's what I would choose.
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    I also like silver. Not to sound like a smart aleck or anything but if you google plum and orange wedding they have some pretty good pictures with yellows, and lighter purples too. Good luck!
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  • Luv2Cook27Luv2Cook27 member
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    I say stay with silver.  It definately 'gos' and especially if you do not want to use gold :)
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    I agree with Silver .. I think it would look great with Plum and Burnt Orange
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  • FireDancer04FireDancer04 member
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    Chances are that you aren't going to be having much color near you. If you get what I'm saying. Where else will silver be? Are you the only one wearing it? Unless your using it as an accent, nobody's going to notice. I say go with it.
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    FireDancer, I get what you're saying but I think I want to use it lightly as an accent color as well. Or maybe just wear what I have and use gold as the accent color for the decor. Ahhh, I'm so torn.
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    I would stick with the silver.  I am not a fan of gold either.  I was running into a similar situation with my color scheme.  I opted for copper accents instead of the gold.  But silver would definitely work as light accents spread around. 
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