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Wedding Dress ordering


I haven't started looking for my gown. For those who have, when is the latest month you were told to order by?
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Re: Wedding Dress ordering

  • I haven't started looking yet but from what I hear you should order it 10-12 months out.

  • I have ordered the dress already because I know it's the one.  But I'd say LoriG is pretty correct.  As long as you do so by the beginning of next year you should be good.  BUT the best answer will come from the bridal shop/dress maker.  Every designer and shop is different so there will be different timelines.  GOOD LUCK!
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  • It really depends on the designer. Some Davids Bridal's styles are available in store or can be delivered in 1-2weeks. My dress is a Priscilla of Boston and it took 4 months to come in. When my sister ordered a Jim Hjelm it took 9 months. 

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  • No later than 9-10 months before the big day.  Some gowns can take up to 8-9 months to come in.  Dresses can sometimes be rush ordered but I wouldn't risk it.  Start looking now so you get an idea of what you want by the time you are ready to order.  I went to like 6 places and when I was ready to order I knew exactly what I was looking for and it made it easy the last salon I went to.
  • One dress I want it takes 18 weeks to come in .  Another dress takes 12 weeks.   So I figure I am looking at 4-5 months.   Then you figure you need time to get the dress altered etc.   So my goal is to order the dress I pick before September this year.   That way if it takes about 6 months.  I still have time to resolve any issues. 
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