Tomorrow you get...

SEARCH! That's right, tomorrow we're launching new boards. They'll have some other bells and whistles but honestly, I'm most excited they'll have search! It's been a very, very long time since these boards were updated and they're old, freeze a lot, and the search never, every works. So tomorrow, you'll find new boards here around 9AM EST. If all goes well, you'll be searching up a storm by lunch. And, don't worry, there will be an FAQ for all the new features and Knot Annie and I will be here to field questions. Oh, and just to calm the fears, your post count may be a bit lower than it is today, but it shouldn't be much. A small price to pay for actually being able to find all those posts you've participated in (oh, did I mention the boards won't archive--no more 1 page boards!). TIA Knot Jen

Re: Tomorrow you get...

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    how do you turn off the knot TV?  this makes my computer run really slow while trying to read the boards, and is my number one reason to not check in the boards daily. 
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