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  I need a recommend for Cannon Beach/Seaside area for  hair and nail salon.  I am getting married in August and live in Las Vegas.  So all the wedding is done by phone and internet.

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    I'm from the area and honestly? After so many bad experiences with beauty salons around there I'd find someone that was trained out of town. Apparently the beauty school there is really terrible or something.

    I wish I was more helpful, but yeah... be careful.

    There is an upscaleish one on 101 if I remember the name I'll come back.
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      Thanks!  That will save me a lot of headaches!
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    I tend to agree, most of the salons in Cannon Beach & Seaside are really horrible.  But there are a couple of good  - fantastic ones in Astoria.  The Columbia River Day Spa really IS the best spa that I have been to on the north coast.  My favorite salon after living here for four years is The Poshe Salon.  I have heard good things about Ardelle's, but their prices are ridiculous for the quality of work I have seen done.
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      Thanks.  That is great to have SOME place to consider.
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    Hello there, just jumping in to say hi.  I also live in Vegas and am getting married in Oregon this July.  I am having my nails done here in LV prior to coming up for the wedding so maybe that would be an option for you?

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    It is quite a drive, but my wedding was in Lincoln City and we used the Salishan spa for hair, nails and makeup.  They did a great job on hair and makeup.  Maybe someone there could come up to do your hair/makeup?

    For nails- maybe you could just have them done before you go.  The salishan spa did my nails there, and I had some chips the very next day...they didn't us a base-coat, and I had some chips.
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