Does anyone have info on A&A videography?

I'm really interested in having them do the videography for my wedding.  Does anyone have nformation about their prices/packaging?  It will be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Does anyone have info on A&A videography?

  • I can't remember exact numbers or details, but they quoted me in the range of $5-7K . That was a "special." That included cinematic style with a highlights portion, and 2 cameras I think. They have straight forward documentary style video also, but it was still a lot...I think about $3K. While I found their work really good, it was just way of out my budget. 

    We got married 11/3/12!!

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    I was told by both 1 Cinema productions & Video 495 that they are owned & operated by the same company as A&A Nico. They claim they use the same equipment,  and the same staff. If you've recieved emails from these companies you'll notice the format and address at the bottom is all the same. However their pricepoints are VERY different (with A&A being more than double 495). I was told over the phone by a representative of 495 that the owner of all 3 companies is very smart and has created 3 different price points to hit brides on every budget. She claimed however that the product is the same. 

    I do not know how true this is, I just thought it was VERY interesting! I have cut videography from my budget completely, but if I was going to do it I probably would have gone with 495.

    My sil used A&A. She paid over$4,000 for literally a 7 minute video. It is beautiful and very well done but she said herself regrets spending the money on that. She says if she wants to show off her wedding day to people she would rather show them her photoalbum than that "highlights reel" because it gives a more complete picture of the day.

    Just thought I'd pass that along!
  • Pop Video in houston is a 15 min video for about $5K. You should check them out, I am using them!

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    A&A Video, Nico Photography, and Fashion Face Makeup are in fact all part of the same company.  It's a family owned business - all brothers and one of their wives.  The previous post is correct that they are able to offer various pricing methods because of this.  I've seen some of their work, and while it was good videography and photography, I still feel they are over priced.
  • Try Inspired-Effects.com

    They travel and their packages range from $500-$1500
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  • Thanks for the replies everyone!  I'll definitely take a look at the other options posted!
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