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I think I am pregnant

Positive test last nite.  And I still don't have all my thank yous done, am still settling into the house (combining two households).  Am tired and sick alot, which requires me to rest.  I am at home with 7 year old this summer.  I don't want to announce a pregnancy yet, because I can't be more than a month along, since my last cycle was on the hm.  Frustrating.

Re: I think I am pregnant

  • Well, congrats :) That must be sucky to not be able to tell anyone, but maybe if you told one or two people very close to you (family or best friend or something), it might help to have some people in your corner who understand when you're not feeling good before you announce that your pregnant.  Just a thought.

    Seriously though, congratulations.  :)
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  • wow congrats! I'm assuming you told your husband, but I plan on telling my maid of honor/best friend whenever it happens (we aren't trying yet). I don't think I could tell my mom early on because she has a habit of spilling the beans!!

    seriously congrats! Are you going to see your doctor for an official test?

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  • Hang in there, I'm sure everything will work out!
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  • Congrats!!
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  • Congrat's chicka!!  We thought we were too, after the wedding...but my PD came with a vengence this month!  :)  We've got so much going on we're kindof glad, but will be right behind you soon! 
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