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I think I found a dress-cuer

Latest in the saga of my dress...I met with the seamstress from my friend's son's wedding (did you follow that? LOL) today. She took a dress that was three times the size of the bride at that wedding, so I figured she could save the minor issues of my dress!

Anyway, the first thing she did was take the stupid cups out of it. They had put two cups in each side, and it just looked dreadful! When we did that, the snap on the back panel closed, we were able to pull the waist in nice and tight, and it looked really good. She's going to do a little more tuck and nip here and there, and I think it's going to be just beautiful. I am SO relieved.

I am absolutely exhausted and I feel a migraine bubbling up...but my dress is going to be TERRIFIC!


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Re: I think I found a dress-cuer

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