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Tattoos and Bridal Dresses.


Don't get me wrong, I love my art. I ahve decorated my temple beautifully.
And I'm sorta heavily tattoo'd.

I have a World of Warcraft tattoo on my back, thats pretty large. (Horde crest, FTW) and I'm not entirely sure I want to look back on my photos when I'm showing my daughter and say "And here, you'll see mommy's Horde Crest. And yes, FTW. It means for the win...Not to be confused with the other saying.."

Ya know ?

Did any of you brides choose to cover up your tattoos ?

And how ?
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Re: Tattoos and Bridal Dresses.

  • I'm sorry I don't have any suggestion on how to cover it up but I would however love to see a pic of this tattoo (Alliance FTW! Woot!)
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  • I am wearing a backless dress with the sole purpose being to show off my tattoo lol I have a tattoo of an ornate cross with a red rose wrapped around it on my back, which I got years ago in memory of my father who passed away when I was 15. This tattoo was actually the inspiration for our whole wedding (colours red/black/white, main theme is red roses) hahaha
  • When I got married I did not cover up my tattoo. I wasn't as tattoo as I am now. I say if it is you, than you shouldn't try to hide them. If you are set on it, air brushing seems to work best.
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  • I have had to cover up my tattoos for work in the past. The Kat von D stuff that they sell at Sephora works if it is not a black tattoo. Otherwise I use DuWop also found at Sephora. It is for dark circles but covers up the black cat tat on my ankle perfectly and comes in different shades. The only issue is that it is a creamy makup and does rub off so if anything will touch it do not use it. I would look into airbrushing though as it seems to work best. 
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  • Would it be possible for your photographer to edit them out of photos?
  • I'll have a tattoo and my fiance will have a few by the time we get married, and I know that neither of us is hiding them intentionally.To me, it obviously meant enough to us to get permanently on our bodies we will not care if our kids know about it and in fact would want to share it with our kids; especially since they're going to wind up seeing most if not all of the tattoos we get so I'm not going to worry about hiding things they'll see anyway.

    BUT if you really don't want them in photo's talk with your photographer and see if he's able to take them out on the computer. There are also things you could do like one of those scarf-y, shawl, thingers that just covers your back but leaves the front of you showing. Or you could buy a dress that hides it, which to me, seems like it could wind up being a total hassle.
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  • I love my ink.

    I really do. Each one has such a heart wrenching story (Except for the horde crest. That was for me. =] ) and to me it just seems like they would be out of place.

    I don't know. The only ones I'm really concerned about are :my back piece, and I have fang marks on my collarbone. My others are small enough to hide.

    A friend of mine just got married, and I don't know if I'm just ebing a judgy bridezilla, or if the stress of the wedding being a month away has me wanting everything PERFECT, but I was kinda "nose up-turny" at her pictures.  I guess I wont really know until I have everything on. Worst case scenerio I guess I could just use some cocnealer and hair spray.

    I'm obviously not a judgemental person. It just struck a cord with me for some reason. I even asked my mom about it, who very much said the same thing.
    "We've all come to love you, and your tattoos. Its what we expect when we see you. Just dont go off and get pierced before the wedding this time." (Snake bites teh day before my sisters wedding...)

    Sorry for the rant.

    And here
    Madisonpenny . =]

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  • love it.  thanks for sharing.
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  • "Another option is to do mock-ups of how you would look in photos. Have someone take photos of you in your dress (or possible dresses) with whatever shows showing and see if you like them."

    Thanks for that!

    Thats a really great idea.

    And it gives me an excuse to prance around in my dress.

    Double win.
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  • There are super cute wraps on etsy I'm looking at feather one or a short cap sleeve jacket would work.

  • You know, I think you should let your freak flag fly. :)
    I have a HUGE cherry blossom tree that covers my entire upper right arm area up to the collarbone....and on the opposite sided I have "big sister" in kanji/cherry blossoms. I also have some across my shoulders...and I am working on a Link tat (LoZ: WW). I don't care who sees them...who doesn't like it. I did it for ME, no one else. :)

    But I am still interested in what you decide.
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