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Questions on Who what where and how's.

Hello Ladies, I am 3 months away from my wedding date I was wondering where besides davids bridal can I find slips, veils and dresses and someone that is willing to help me in and out of my dress until i  find one that matches.( davids bridal has not been very helpful when i come in since i bought my dress) Also, I was wondering how are you seating  or supposed to be seating your grand parents and other family? (aunts uncles) Are you mixing yours and the grooms at tables or do they get seperate tables?

Re: Questions on Who what where and how's.

  • I don't know if places will help you in and out of your dress while trying on slips....
    But there is Tesi Bridal in Northfield, Wedding Belles in Northfield, and Here Comes the Bride in Somers Point.  (I don't know how far south you are either).  Didn't David's Bridal recommend one when you bought your dress?

    As far as seating, I asked his parents and my parents who they wanted to be seated with and went from there.  Some of the tables will be mixed, but for the most part our families aren't.
  • Thanks for the response, no davids bridal didn't suggest anything but me getting to the register. lol

  • That stinks, you think they'd try and make the extra dollars.
    My consultant was very friendly and knowledgeable.
    Good luck!
  • I got my underthings at David's Bridal went I got my dress.  I think that they offered some kind of discount if you got them all on the same day - I'm so surprised that they didn't offer them to you as well.  I ordered my veil from Etsy - they have an amazing selection at a fraction of the cost of the stores.  Good luck!
  • Yes, I too am surprised with David's.  I bought all my undergarments and veil at the same time and my consultant was very helpful.
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