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Checking In! (PIP)

Hey Ladies!!!!

Just wanted to drop in and share some pics. I don't have time for a recap right now, but I promise I'll be back later after the HM to give all the deets. All I can say is that Saturday was AMAZING! Everything went smoothly and was absolutely PERFECT! Friday.....oh Friday, yea just get ready for the recap. Enjoy these few pics that I have:


Immediately after processional

First Dance

Table name (the person who sent me the pics sat at this table....all my LS's basically)

Garter Removal (I had a Dallas Cowboys garter for him)

Me and my Line Sister's that came. These are just a few of my Ride or Dies :)

DH & I with my LS (who sent the pics). Yes, DH did a wardrobe change....but it was a big hit!
image180 Made the cut!
image 129 Ready to drop it like its HOT!
image 7 Found something else to do
image 44 Are just plain RUDE!
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