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Hello! I'm Kristin- new to this board but not to the knot - I've been on my local board and wedding month board. So I'm a first year medical student. My FI and I are planning a wedding for next July (after boards but before clinical rotations). I'll warn you, my appearances are sporadic, I go through phases where the knot becomes my ultimate procrastination tool, mostly around exams (like now - exams are next week, I have books and notes sprawled out in front of me, came online to check a correction that one of my profs sent in an email and look where I ended up).  I noticed in looking at other posts that I'm not the only one with this problem, so at least I'm not alone!!  

Re: Newbie!

  • Welcome!  I'm a fourth year med student and I just finished my last rotation...all I need to do is walk across the stage to get my diploma and I'll officially be an MD!  Just wanted to wish you luck with school and planning...it will all go so fast, I promise!
  • HinajHinaj
    Welcome to the board!! 
  • Thanks everyone! 

    TriSaratops & Melanie - actually it wasn't in reference to Scrubs but I'm pretty much dying now that you've brought that up...lol, love scrubs! I can only imagine how fast it goes by, we're in the process of planning orientation for next year's first year class, it feels like we were at orientation just yesterday!
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