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White linens and chair covers - ok with wedding colours?? (long...)

Hi Ladies!

My ceremony and reception will be at a banquet hall attached to the Hilton Garden Hotel in Vaughan. The venue comes with white table linens as well as white chair covers.

We are having a very big reception (400-450 guests) as this is custom in my FI's culture. This means that we are having like 40 tables....

Originally I didn't care about the white linens but now I keep thinking about how it will look with our wedding colours and theme. We are doing an eggplant purple with green accents. The men are wearing tan-coloured suits. We are going for an enchanted forest type theme so incorporating a lot of nature (moss and manzanita trees) as well as crystals to match the massive chandeliers in the reception area.

Would you suggest doing an overlay on the tables? I'm afraid the white will look out of place. I know that at the end of the day people won't notice but it's all I'm thinking about lately!!!

I'm getting a day-of coordinator who could help set up the room if we get coloured chair covers and linens but I don't want to blow my budget either....help!!!!

Re: White linens and chair covers - ok with wedding colours?? (long...)

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    I would definitely not bother.  Put pops of colour on the table in other ways.  Your dress will be white (or whiteish), won't it?  Are you afraid it will look out of place?  ;)

    I was recently talking about chair covers with my MOH and she said it didn't matter, and to drive her point home asked me if her wedding had chair covers, or if the last wedding I went to did and I realized I had no idea.

    No one will notice or remember if they're white

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    So true...I can't remember what the tables looked like at other weddings either!!!

    Plus, I really didn't want to have to think of the cost for adding linens on all of these tables! I think I just needed someone to tell me it's okay to leave them white :)
  • unplainjaneunplainjane member
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    White goes with everything. Unless you have unlimited budget I wouldn't worry about this. I always like white better then other colours of tableclothes anyway.
  • mattycammattycam member
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    Although I agree with PPs about leaving as is, I too had white linens and my theme colours were royal blue/black with hot pink accents. What I did is I got black overlays ($5/per table). While this does seem inexpensive it definately is not a must and I know things add up. I had 20 tables versus your 40.

  • Jewel224Jewel224 member
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    I think the white is perfectly fine!  You and FI will be the focus of the wedding, not the colour of your linens! :)  Besides, I'm sure that your centrepieces will be fine! :)
  • achiduckachiduck member
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    I am kind of a detail-oriented person so I would actually put overlays on the table. You can get them pretty inexpensively at Efavormart or Linen Table Cloth. Then you can sell them after the wedding and recoup some of the money. You can also get chair sashes pretty cheap as well.
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    I'm going to go against the grain here, for me, linens were VERY important, and having white on white was NOT going to cut it!

    Our colours were black, charcoal, dark purple and warm white (not ivory, but not pure white either) so that was my big expense, and I honestly don't regret it, I think I VERY much would have if my hall looked like a blank canvas!!!

    SO I think you have options, look into getting sashes for your chairs, overlays for your tables, get someone to come in an completely overhaul all the linens... OR accept that this is just part of the wedding not the whole wedding, and work w what you have!

    I splurged on linens, but my CP's were DIY and came in under $20 each!

    it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I LOVED my hall and my decor!

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    I think overlays will be my best and most inexpensive option and sashes...I will look at prices and see what works. DIY is also definitely an option for me and like people have stated, may work with the budget!

    I will look up prices and if I can do it, I will!

    Thanks for the advice!
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    I had the same concern too. We just got married on the 8th and our colours were raspberry and chocolate.

    Our florist added extra petals on the tables to tie in the colours of the wedding so that there wouldn't be such a huge contrast - but to be honest with you, no one will make a big deal that you have white chair and table covers. If they do, tell them to get a life Tongue out
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