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So, I have spent many days lurking this board and taking in all of the wonderful advice given. I now have a question of my own and would appreciate any insight! We are planning our Vegas wedding for May 21, 2013 and I am in the process of creating invitations. The ceremony is at 3pm and then FI and I are going to do a strip tour(pictures) before the reception at 6:30pm. We are going to provide transportation to the reception venue (we're hoping to book Maggiano's :)) however I don't know how to let the guests know this! I have a guest information card with the room block information on it...should I add "Reception to follow Ceremony - Transportation will be provided" to that card? I know I'm stressing over such a small detail but I feel like the guests need to know this information and the invite would be the best time to tell them. The invite itself says "Reception to follow". My only hesitation with putting the aforementioned info on the room block card is the reception doesn't DIRECTLY follow the ceremony. So that is where I run into my issue on how to word this! Sorry this post is so long, I hope all of what I said makes sense. I appreciate any and all suggestions!

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    on the invite i would put where and when the reception is and in the with the accomodation card put a card in their that states transportation provided to reception.  if you are doing a welcome bag i would put on the letter or card what time and where to meet the transportation
  • I sent all guests a brochure with information that I made two weeks before the wedding. If you want to see it, you can let me know and I will email it to you.

    I also had my minister make an announcement that shuttles will be provided to the reception site at 8pm in front of Caesars Palace after the bridal party left when the ceremony was complete.

    Word of mouth will also get around after the ceremony as well.

    If you are also doing wedding programs, you could also add it on there too!!
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    I would love to see the brochure you made. That sounds like a genius idea! My email address is Maybe having the officiant make an announcement would be a good idea too. I'm sure you're right about word of mouth but knowing my luck, people wouldn't get the memo and then they'd be left behind or have to find their own transportation and I'd hate for that to happen. Thanks so much!
  • I am sending everyone who RSVP they are attending custom luggage tags as well as the wedding day itinerary. On the itinerary it states what time the limo buses will arrive at the ceremony to pick guests up and take them to the reception
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