Doing Own Make-up?

Does anyone plan to do their own make-up? Do you know another bride that did her own make-up for her wedding with success? I have quality products, but am thinking about doing it myself...
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Re: Doing Own Make-up?

  • well....   I actually had mine done at the salon where i did my hair... 

    hated it so much, i stopped at CVS, got some makeup remover....cleaned my face. and did it myself! lol i just used some smashbox primer and estee lauder long lasting foundation....  it was fine.
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  • I think you should do a trial before wedding day. I went to the hair/makeup salon for our engagement pics and liked it so much that I went back and had makeup/hair done at same salon for wedding day. I suggest being relaxed on wedding day and letting yourself be pampered.
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  • If you like the way you do your own makeup then go for it. Just a few tips.

    1. Make sure you use a primer for both your foundation and your eye makeup. This way if you get teary-eyed during the ceremony, or sweaty while getting down on the dance floor you will be good to go.

    2. Waterproof mascara - 'nuff said

    3. Do a trial run on yourself like two weeks before the wedding, and have someone take photos of you. This way you can see how the makeup photgraphs and so that you can replicate it the day of. Do it a few weeks before that way if you don't like it you still have time to find someone last minute.

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  • Good ideas thanks ladies!
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  • if you're good at doing make-up, i'd say why not?

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