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San Pedro wedding anyone?

Ok so I found this great and INEXPENSIVE area to have my wedding.  It is called Carbrillo Plaza in San Pedro, CA.  It has pretty views but I can't find anyone who has been married there to give me a testimonial?  I am also thinking of maybe having the reception at the Doubletree right behind the plaza.  Anyone been married there?

Re: San Pedro wedding anyone?

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    I had my ceremony in San Pedro in April at The Arcade Building on 6th street. We stayed at the Doubletree the night before and got dressed there in the morning. The hotel is great for pictures, but that's all I had done there. Good luck!
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    Thank you!  Love your bio. I am thinking of using Nataly as well :)
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    I am getting married very close by in Long Beach but I looked into having my reception at the Doubletree in San Pedro.  I thought it was very nice and I really like San Pedro...sorry I can't give you an actual review.  Good Luck!
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    No problem!  I see you picked Ebell Club.  That is gorgeous too!  It is just a little bit cheaper in San Pedro so that is why I am thinking of going that route lol
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    I don't know anything about the ceremony location, but my friend had her reception at the DoubleTree in San Pedro a few years ago and it was really nice.  HTH
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    Do you remeber where your friend had her ceremony?
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    I was born and raised in San Pedro and also looking to have the ceremony and reception here!  I am going to check out Erhart's by the Sea and the Double Tree for the reception, but I am also having issues with where to have the ceremony.  I am considering the Wayferer's Chapel, although it really is more than I would like to spend.  
    That said, I have never seen a ceremony at Cabrillo Plaza.(sorry)  Have you already been there to see it?  I can tell you more about the location if you haven't
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    I have seen it and years ago attended one too.  But I don't remember much about it lol Wayferer's is too small for my number of guests but GORGEOUS.  The Cabrillo Plaza is the lawn and fountain by the DoubleTree.  IT is really pretty and cheap.  I have the information with some pics if you need it.
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    My friend of my just got married, and they got the pics taken down in San Pedro and Long Beach area.  
    Check out their pics..

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    I'm having my wedding reception at The Plaza in May 2012 (the ceremony will be in Hawaii). Would love to hear any feedback as well. I am also seeking recs on clean up crew/bartenders/party help. Does anyone know of any inexpensive help?
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