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It's like rain, on your wedding day...

I'm almost there...just a couple more days to go.  I think we've been through about everything planning this wedding, but we're almost to the finish line now.

So...this past week, I was sick, sick, sick with a sinus infection, but happily, an antibiotic is helping clear that up.  THEN, I unexpectedly got asked to fly across the country for a job interview...for an AMAZING job.  My FI told me to go for it, so I spent 3 days flying and interviewing...the week before our wedding!!  He jumped in and did a lot on the preparations.  My mother is now speaking to me, which is a huge step forward.  The rest of the family still isn't and none of them are coming.  Still, I'm just happy that my mother is back in my life.  (My family has issues with my groom's racial and religion and our religious practices.) has been raining all week and we have a 40% chance of rain on Sunday.  Our wedding and our reception are outdoors.  We live in an area where extended rainy days like this, this time of year, are very unusual and indoor venues tough to find and expensive.  Our rainy day plan is to have the ceremony in our living room instead of the beach. know what?  It's ok.  If I were the same person when I got married the first time, I'd be pulling my hair out.  Instead, I'm shrugging and saying, "So?  We'll still be married, even if it's in our living room.  We can always get dressed up and take some pictures on the beach later on."  Things that would have seemed like such a big deal, seem like such a nonissue now.

I think it's because I am more focused on BEING married than GETTING married.  Sure, I'd love everything to be perfect, but, even if nothing is perfect, we'll still be together and I'll still be his Mrs.

Re: It's like rain, on your wedding day...

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    Sounds like things are falling into place for you.  I hope you have a wonderful wedding and I hope you get the job!
  • Your relaxed attitude will serve you well.  It is about being married, not the wedding details.  Enjoy the moments. ~Donna
  • Enjoy Ruth!
  • Sorry to hear you were ill, but glad your fiance has stepped in, and GOOD LUCK on the job! What a wonderful happy event to have around your wedding.

    Your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life, regardless of the weather. You have a great attitude, keep it going, and enjoy this day you have been waiting for.

    Come back with pictures, rain or shine. Best wishes for a fabulous day.

  • Enjoy your special day ... The post PICTURES!

    Congratulations on your happiness!
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  • A few hours left to go and our luck hasn't changed much.  :/

    It's still raining and is projected to continue raining tomorrow.  We'll likely have to marry in our living room.

    I didn't get the job.  I got the call late Friday afternoon.

    My soon-to-be MIL didn't tell anyone in the family we are getting married and is running around telling everyone that this "isn't the real wedding."  Apparently, she is under the impression that we are going to have a big, religious ceremony later on.  That was never the plan.  We were just planning on, essentially, getting our marriage made official from a religious point of view, later on, without a big to-do.

    More guests have backed out, apparently because a child's birthday party got scheduled at the last minute. we are.  This is it.  I'm just wishing we'd eloped as we had originally planned.  We made these plans to try to please all the people who were disappointed that we planned to elope...and most of those people aren't even coming.
  • Happy wedding day, Ruth!  Rain, sun, inside, outside, in a crowd, all alone, or just with the people who made your day a the time your head hits the pillow next, you will be Mrs. Boaz. Isn't THAT what all the planning was for? 
    I hope your day is joy filled.
  • So you will "elope" to your living room.  Believe me Ruth, once T and I said the "I Do's" at the courthouse all I wanted was to be alone with him and just revel in it.  Seriously.
  • Love your outlook. Very inspiring.
    I keep saying, when you get married the first time, you plan a wedding. When you get married the second time, you plan the marriage. Doesn't apply to everyone I'm sure, but definitely applied to both of us. :)
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