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About me: I'm a 26 yr old Film & Commercial Writer/Director. I am starting to become an established director and I'm fishing for a great agent. My film skills are budding and my creativity constantly flowing. I'm neurotic about film and anything to do with it, I love it!! I like to shoot mostly comedy, clean and dirty (don't judge).

My girlfriend of 3 years has been pressuring me for a ring for about 2 years and 11 months... With the new app PINTREST she seems to be thinking of weddings constantly. With all this wedding talk and subconscious subliminal messaging from her, I can't help but to be thinking of them as well.

I have no experience in shooting weddings. What I am looking to do is to find a couple that can TRUST ME, the same way my actors have trusted me to create magic on screen. I am looking to shoot one wedding for FREE. I know that sounds too good to be true and you may find it difficult leaving YOUR SPECIAL DAY in the hands of a young guy. I've see the video out there and the prices being paid for these videos, and quite frankly, it's disgusting.

Why FREE? Because I need to start somewhere. Offering a free service may send the wrong message (a message like, I'm not sure if I can handle the task, so it's free) that's not the case. Being a director I must visualize an entire shoot, with that visualization comes the forming of shots In my brain, which then ends up on paper as a drawn storyboard, once that is completed I see what special equipment I need to obtain those shots. I am a very skilled cinematographer, I would call myself one more often, but the glory is in directing! My point is I am a very prepared filmmaker, I care about my outcome of the work, and I do not finish until I am satisfied, I am very neurotic about my work. There are no cutting corners in film. As a filmmaker you must go 150% or go home, no cutting corners accepted.

If you've watched my work yet you can see that I know how to: direct performance, shoot a beautiful film look, edit, and create an entertaining story. I have also done live events as you can see from my Jesse Marco interview, more of the live stuff coming soon that I am currently working on. Your wedding video will be unique, high quality, guaranteed.


I'd like start off with a very creative SAVE THE DATE, this is the "new thing" and I think it's genius. People send out their save the date's normally on print, but the new thing is to do a video along with that. These videos can either be a truthful romantic style love story video, a comedy, or even a video where your future hubby saves you from 25 fighting ninjas, it can be anything!!! This is what I love about these save the date vids. This can also double for your intro to your entire wedding video.

What you'll get from me: a master DVD with case, a video file for easy sharing via email and social networking. Short version will be for online sharing and long version on the DVD. Wedding photography to be provided as well, he shoots portraits, family portraits, and he shoots beautiful candid photography (shooting by not shooting). We will also provide you with a pretty wedding photograph book, any style you want, that will be at cost ($25-$100) a book.

I am doing this for one couple ONLY!!!

I ask for only a few things:

Be willing and open minded when we shoot.
Be punctual.
Be ready to laugh and enjoy yourself.
The wedding should be at a very visual location, shall be amazing, stunning and beautiful. If I'm doing free-work so I can start my wedding portfolio, I want to choose the best visual location possible, please apply regardless though.

Thanks!! My website is www.DOPEFILMS.TV. dope is slang for AWESOME!!!!
Again, my portfolio is film stuff, scripted work, do not judge my content, it's movie stuff, people suspend disbelief to watch this. A lot of people think the props I use or the events in the shorts are real or what I believe in, only because they aren't seeing it on their television or in the theatres. :)

it's ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


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