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My friends rock!

Hey ladies!

I'm so sick of posts I see on E and WP about how people are dissapointed in their bridemaids for not being their personal slaves for a year. So instead, I want to say why my bridesmaids are awesome.

-I've been friends with two of them for 18(!) years
-I've been friends with the third one for 26(!!) years
-Even if I don't see someone for months, we'll catch up the next time we meet
-They threw me an awesome bachelorette party. My other friends commented how supremely organized it was, and they kept it PG-rated for me
-We respect each others opinions
-They offer to help me even though they have their own busy lives
-We laugh so hard together every time

So tell me why your friends, bridemaids, etc. rock!

Re: My friends rock!

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    Yay for positives!

    My MOH rocks because we've known each other for almost 20 years now, and no matter how long it goes on in between us talking we always pick up where we left off.  Her feisty nature and bluntness keeps me honest.

    One BM ALWAYS cheers me up with her sarcastic comments and is very level headed.  She's very detail oriented so I know that if I forget something she'll remember.

    The last BM is awesome cause she was the catalyst that brought FI and I together.  She is also a sister from another mister.  We think alike so I know she has my back.  She too is insanely organized and detailed oriented. 

    Overall my BM know how to make me laugh, snap me out of a rut and nudge me along. 
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    BM #1 - My sister rawks because she is my sister. She knows our families' past, so when a family issue comes up I don't have to do any explaining / story telling / history.... she already gets it. No matter what happens, this girl has my back, and I'll always have hers.

    BM #2 - S totally rawks because she is my accountability, laugh until we pee, best friend, cry on each others' shoulder daily partner. We've only known each other for 4 years... but our connection was almost instant.

    BM #3 - I've known K since 1st grade. We have been partners in crime for 22 years. We were childhood neighbors: causing trouble together through high school. Our moms even dressed us alike, and many people thought we were twins. Like my sister, she knows my history, and I know hers. There is no need for explanation.... we just get each other on a deep level. Even if we only talk 3 times a year, it's like we never skipped a beat.

    BM #4 - M and I have been best friends since middle school. We grew up in different neighborhoods, but landed at the same church. From then on she was the friend who kept me sane when my childhood was not. She is true blue. I spent many many weekends at her house, and consider her family.

    BM #5 - My future sis in law!!! I can't wait to get to know H more... she is older than me, old enough to guide me through life... and I have a feeling that we will become much closer through the years.
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    On the opposite side of the spectrum: my friend (who will be a bride next year) is awesome! She has the venue, dress, flowers all picked out. She is not doing bridesmaids as to not put anyone in an ugly dress/mess with schedules/whatever BMs complain about. Instead, she has asked me and another good friend to have a relaxing night at the hotel with her the night before her wedding! Yay for cool brides!

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    That's so sweet Leia !  I definitely have to give a late nod to all of my bridesmaids. They all were so awesome in keeping me calm during the shift of the large wedding to "oh we decided to go to Tahoe instead in 4". They really made me feel like they cared about everything going on and offered to help with things that I never even thought about ! One of my BM's and her boyfriend of several years broke up the week before the wedding , and since he was a GM , she was unsure if she could make the trip being so fresh. She ended up making it and her speech at dinner still is one of my favorite moments of the entire weekend. It meant so much to both of us for her to be there , even though we knew how difficult it was and just proves how awesome she is.

    I'm happy to hear that you all have such great support and love in place from your friends/family and wedding party :)
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    My best friend rocks because even though we live two hours apart, when I say crazy things like "I want to go horseback riding", she makes plans to come out and do a trail ride with me the next weekend. And no matter how long it's been since we've seen each other, it's like no time has passed.
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    I'm not engaged yet, but I know who I'm going to ask to be my bridesmaids when the time comes (GO AHEAD AND JUDGE :X).

    The first one, C, is someone I met on the Internet when we were like... 13 and 14. We've had major ups and downs in our friendship but have always gravitated back toward each other. I'm proud to call myself her friend because she has always managed to get back on her feet no matter what is thrown at her. She made the decision over the past couple of years to begin transitioning from female to androgyny. She is like a sibling to me and I support her in everything and she supports me even more. I can't imagine having a better friend and fortunately, she loves Tyler as well. She's my choice for maid of honor.

    The second one, S, is someone I met in middle school when we were both in Cotillion. We were friends all through high school and kept in touch when we went to college. She's the only friend from high school who I really talk to anymore. She's an amazingly strong woman who is getting her doctorate in queer and gender studies; the childlike glee when she sees an old edition of one of her favorite feminist books on the shelves at our local used bookstore sustains me. We also gossip like no one's business.

    The third one, Z, is someone I met protesting Scientology -- we met a year after Tyler and I met. She is from Mississippi but moved to Nashville to live with us in May of last year so that she could go to massage school. She's my wonderful, crazy, hippie, shoeless, feminist, pagan sister and I love her. She's moving back to Mississippi over the next few weeks and I already miss her :(.

    That's it. I don't keep female friends. They bore me :X.

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    Aw, Leia that's so sweet.  :)

    BFF is amazing, even though we've only been friends about a year.  She knows when to tell me to STFU and deal with shiit, she knows just how to make me laugh, and she knows exactly when something's wrong and knows when to push me for it.  We're pretty much the same person (it's actually kind of scary sometimes), and I love how the two of us can completely geek out together.  
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    Aw Leia that is awesome :) Glad your B-party went so well :)

    I haven't asked anyone yet but my best friend is awesome because she get me so well.  Even though she is 20 years older than me we click.  It is like we are the same person sometimes because we are so close in though and experience.  She gives great advice and is always there for me, even though she has a husband and two kids.  I love her to pieces, she is the best.

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    Great post, Leia.  I think quite a few brides need to be reminded that their BP members are friends first and "attendants" second.  I know a lot of girls on here, myself including, aren't expecting anything from their BP aside from showing up and wearing the dress.  Why aren't more people like us?

    I haven't asked any of my BP yet, with the exception of my FSIL, whom I tearfully told, one night after too many tequila shots, that I really wanted us to have a better relationship and she should totally be in our wedding.  Oof.  I was planning to ask her anyway, though.

    The other girls I'm planning to ask include a couple of long time friends and a cousin who shares my HP obsession.  None of them live in (or really even near) the same area as I do, so they won't be helping me with all the wedding preparations at all.  That doesn't change the fact that I want them to share the day with me.
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    [QUOTE]None of them live in (or really even near) the same area as I do.
    Posted by Elle1036[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, this. We all spread out like mad after high school/college. My three best friends live in Washington, Texas and Mississippi :(. Skype and Facebook are our best friends.

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