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Nevada-Las Vegas

Flowers at MB-??

Need some advice~ The package I have comes w/ a medium rose bouquet (9 flowers).  Is this pretty small?

How many roses will your hand-tied bouquet have?

Also- my BM's dress is a dark/bright pink.  Would it be too close to have dark pink roses for her bouquet?  Could I have dark pink roses and she have light pink?  TIA!
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Re: Flowers at MB-??

  • edited December 2011
    I think the light pink flowers would be a good contrast for your bridesmaid's dress.

    i'm going with the small bouquet simply because I can't spend anymore money. If flowers are important to you I'd get some extra.

  • edited December 2011
    I'm upgrading my bouquet to 20 blossoms of garden roses, but I am paying an arm and leg for them! ($196)

    I think if flowers or your bouquet is important to you then get them, if they aren't, then I would just keep the standard bouquet. Also, by checking out the webcasting of the weddings you may get a better feel for the flowers of others.
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