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Videographer you love anyone?(Budget) (Plus a hotel reservation question)

     So my friend is a strong video background, knowing him for 10 years I have seen tons of stuff. He has offered to video my wedding...big relief since I am on a budget I was also going to give him some sort of payment for it...but he is out of a job, and currently doesn't have a camera although he is optimistic he will have one by then.(6 months from now.) Does anyone know any good budget videographers? I'm just thinking about this since he may take a job and may not be able to come after all.

I'm looking tp pay no more than $1,200 and I will need footage for 5 hours or so. I can always have it edited later, but the raw footage is really important to me. Thanks for any names or websites!=)
   I have two other questions and don't want to fill the board with questions just from me so I will post them here.
      I need to reserve hotel rooms for my guests. What do I call and ask the hotel?  I've heard the term like an open block reservation used. I'm not paying for the hotel rooms, and cannot afford to put a ton down on a credit card. Any suggestions on how to approach the conversation?

Getting married in Evergreen if that info matters in the answer=)

Re: Videographer you love anyone?(Budget) (Plus a hotel reservation question)

  • susieqt757susieqt757 member
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    I just did a wedding block at the Antlers in Colorado Springs, and it was so simple. Most hotels have a certain percentage of rooms that they would need filled, say you block 25 rooms then 20 would need to be blocked or you would be responsible for paying for the rooms that didn't get blocked; so just make sure you block as many or as little that you think you need. Also most hotels will give you a discount for a group or perks like free parking. I just let them know that I was planning a wedding and needed to block some rooms for my guests, and they will work with you. Good Luck!!
  • addymattosaddymattos member
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    Hi All,  My husband is gonna be in Colorado Springs in Sept 2010 he is a really good videographer.  He mentioned maybe doing a wedding while there, just thought I'd share in case you're still in need.  You can see his work at http://www.vimeo.com/tenthlm

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    You might check out Yellow Paddle Photography. They have some great budget video stuff. 

    and the link to the video is
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