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What are your guys wearing?

I'm thinking that FI should wear a Khaki colored suit, but he wants his groomsmen to wear a white button-up shirt, no tie & khaki pants. What do you think? Should all the guys wear ties? I mean, it IS the beach right?

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Re: What are your guys wearing?

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    I like the idea of your FI wearing a tie and the GM with no tie, it sets the future H apart from the rest....not as if it wouldnt already be obvious who the H was but I think you know what I mean.

    I think I am going with the khaki linen pants and a white dress shirt...someone on another forum, I think atire & accessories shared a link with these really, and I mean really nice and classy, khaki pants and "beach" style shirts....I meant that as in the material of the shirt is very light-weight, not that it has flowers or shells or any designs on it.

    If you are interested in the link, let me know


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    Hello,  I had my husband and the father's wear tan pants and jacket.  The groomsmen all wore the same pants but no jacket.  They all had their shirts tucked in and they looked very nice!  I would highly suggest letting the guys wear just the shirt.  I think they were much happier which = well behaved boys. 
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    My DH wore Khaki pants and a white shirt, with white tropical flowers imprinted on. Its actually what he wanted to wear which suprised the heck outta me.  The GM wore khaki pants also with a white shirts that also had tropical flowers and palm trees, they had a hint of green in them also.
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    We also are leaning towards khaki pants and a linen shirt.  We are using a real starfish as his boutonniere - its adorable! 

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    I'm having the guys wear khaki pants and casual green dress shirts.  I'm going to have my fiance wear the same shirt and pants, but wear a blue or a white tie.  The groomsmen won't wear a tie, and I'm trying to decide if they should tuck in their shirts.  I feel like my fiance will need to tuck his in because he'll be wearing a tie, but I dont really want the other guys tucked in when they don't have ties.  Any suggestions?
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