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Where to start?

Hi everyone! I became engaged Nov. 21st!
I am so excited. I am so glad we have this resource available.

couple  questions (probably many to come)

I want to marry in a Catholic Church but have not been involved in any church since I was a child.
What is the process for that?

ALso-when planning, do I book the church then the hall or the hall then the church?


Re: Where to start?

  • For info on the Catholic church part, try posting on the Catholic Weddings board.  Also try contacting the particular church you're interested in directly.  They will tell you what you need to do.

    You want to book the church first, as that's most important.  Ideally you would find both around the same time and be able to book them at the same time.  For local recommendations of reception places (and churches) in your area, post on your local board. 

    Use the checklist here on the Knot, it is SO helpful in keeping you on track with what you should be doing when!
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  • Congratulations!

    We actually booked our reception site first, because our church wouldn't book dates more than a year out.  Ideally, I think you'd try to communicate with both simultaneously and come up with a date that works for both and then book.

    And ditto dani on the Catholic stuff--check with the church and the Catholic Weddings board.  It's my understanding that each parish has different "rules" for weddings.  Good luck!
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  • If you have a particular church in mind and you are flexible with the reception location then book the church first and then find a venue that you like that can accommodate your date.

    If you have a church and a reception place in mind then you'll have to work on booking both of them simultaneously and figure out what dates they both have available.

  • Congratulations! I would definitely contact the church first.  This way, you know you have a location to get married in on the date you want or month you want, and then the hall. 
  • Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I booked the church first b/c that's when I was able to get my wedding date, and once you have that you can look at venues , photographers, videographers, and florists and see if that particular date is available for those vendors. Good Luck! In finding a church I would contact various Catholic churches in your area to set up an appt to meet with the priest, that way when you meet with him you can explain your situation. Some churches are more lenient, and some more strict, you will find out. Good luck! Have fun!

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