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Hamilton Reception Locations


I'm investigating reception locations for October 2011 and am wondering how pricey the Ancaster Old Mill is.  Does anyone have any information for me, so I know whether to bother calling them or not?  Thanks!

Also, we were thinking of the AGH, Marquis Gardens and RBG as well.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Hamilton Reception Locations

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    Just from my personal experience, i would not deal with Ancaster Mill.  Our wedding is August 2011 and we had the Elora Mill Inn booked.  This venue went bankrupt and the owners of the Ancaster Mill purchased the ELora Mill Inn in August.  They told us that our wedding contract would be honoured once they took over the Elora Mill Inn.  Two weeks ago, they called and told us they are cancelling our wedding as they plan to do renos.  They owe us our deposit and its been two weeks and we have yet to get our $4000 back.  They have been difficult to deal with and we are unsure if we will ever see our money.  The owners don't call us back and its frustrating they strung us along saying everyting would stay as is and then two weeks ago they call us and cancel our contract.  I personally would not deal with them ever again. 
    RBG is a beautiful spot, look into that venue. 
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  • raynesraynes member
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    I've heard that the Ancaster Old Mill is more hype than quality, but I don't have any actual stories to back that up. 

    For it, it was too expensive.

    We ended up having our ceremony and reception at the RBG.  Ceremony in the Rose Garden Tent and reception in the new atrium. 

    I've got the list of the RBG menus and prices from 2009 if you'd like to take a look (just PM me your e-mail).  The prices are probably all different, but it will at least give you a starting point.  Robin at Pepperwoods (the caterer for the RBG) is really fantastic to work with.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • naomikbnaomikb member
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    I've recently booked my reception for Heron Point Golf Links.  We were also thinking a Sept-Oct 2011 wedding in the Hamilton area and explored all those venues you mentioned (RBG, AGH. etc).  If you want you can PM me your email address and I can send you PDFs of their menus and prices.

    Ditto PPs re: Old Mill.  I hadn't heard about the bankruptcy but it took them several weeks to email back about the menus, prices etc. and didn't seem to want our business.

    For us RBG was too expensive after the room fee ($2000) was included, but it is a gorgeous room.  Also we wanted a date a bit earlier.  When we were checking it out a few weeks ago they only had one Saturday left for next summer/fall, Oct. 22 I believe for the main ballroom.  I think also one date for the atrium,

    AGH is really expensive and also has a room fee (approx. $2000), I have their menus and prices as well.  They had several dates open.  It's an amazing venue but pricey and they seem to price things individually in an effort to get more $ out of you.

    I do have info for Marquis Gardens, packages ranged from $92 - $112 including tax but not including 15% service charge.

    Other places we checked out that you might want to consider (you can contact them yourself or I can email you info): Spencers, Burlington Art Centre, Burlington Golf & Country Club, Knollwood Golf Club, Waterfront Banquet & Conference Center, Carmen's, Grand Olympia, Marquis Gardens, Barangas, Geraldo's at LaSalle Park.  Wow, when I write it out like that we researched a lot of places!

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    To answer your original question, Ancaster Old Mill prices are $104-$114+ not including tax/tip and not including $2000-$2500 room fee.

  • suellen2bwedsuellen2bwed member
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    We looked at the RBG but my Fi didn't want something that was so public, but I will say we were really impressed with Robin. Springer House is another place that we liked but didn't work for us, they have had some renovations and have a new owner.
    We choose Liuna Gardens and are thrilled with the servie we have recieved so far, we found their pricing to be fair and I have a few friends that attended weddings there this summer and told me the food was quite good.
    Best of luck wtih reception hunting, I found that everything fell into place once we knew where we getting married! Only issue with Liuna is the $1,000 they charge for on site wedding but again, that seems to be standard for other venues where you get married on site.
    Good Luck!
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    We are going with Maplewood Hall in Ancaster, part of the Dundas Valley Conservation area. It is quite affordable and we are having Carmen's cater, they are amazing $75 a head which includes dinne,r 8 hour open bar, all the linens and some decor. Maplewood is an outdoor alter in the woods and the hall is amazing.
  • ss05msss05ms member
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    I'm thinking about getting married in the hamilton/burlington area,

    Two of the places i have in mind for my reception is Geraldo's at Lasalle Park and Lakeland Center as part of the Hamilton Conservation Authority.  Geraldo's does its own catering and the prices for a Saturday is 112 but thats inclusive (hall, open bar, plated dinner, coordination, taxes etc..)  I don't know if that is at all a good deal...anyone have an idea? As for Lakeland, there is apparently new management so i couldn't get any info from them....then again my wedding isn't till 2012. I've looked into Carmen's Catering and Niche Catering if I choose Lakeland.  Both have done receptions there before so they have a package already designed and such
  • kalamitykatekalamitykate member
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    I just booked The Old Springer House, in Burlington so far so good with them. Sarah was  super nice, the grounds are gorgeous so you can do photos and reception all in one. It's costing us 105.00 per person, for chicken/filet mignon, potatoes/veg, salad and hor's deurves, plus a 7 hour open bar with two bottles of wine on the table - thats including taxes and chair covers etc. They have lots of different packages too, plus there is no room fee, just the per head fee. It's got the intimate feel that we want, plus its rustic, and not nearly as expensive as Knollwood Golf Course where we looked originally. We are pretty excited! :)
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    We are getting married at the Ancaster Mill in February 2012, the venue is absolutely gorgeous and the view of the waterfall can't be beat with ceiling to floor windows.   So far the staff (Vicky especially) have been great to deal with, very prompt and flexible.  As we are getting married in the off season, our prices are a little lower.  Depending on if you want a full sit down reception or just a cocktail reception prices can vary from around $100-$130 a head, including open bar, plus a room rental fee for the regular season. 
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    We got married at Knollwood Golf Course in Ancaster. The food is amazing and the location is to die for when it comes to photos (we got married there October 16th, 2010, my photos are in my married bio).  If you need more information you can PM me if you like.

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