Knowlton mansion price?

Does anyone know how much the knowlton mansion in northeast Philadelphia cost per person? It doesn't say on their website and I can't find it online anywhere.

Re: Knowlton mansion price?

  • I just requested info from them a couple days ago - from what they sent me their packages range from $123 - $175 a person.  
  • Thank you!! I'm having a hard time finding a venue within the 8090 price range.
  • knowlton mansion using conroy catering. You may have to contact them for prices. :) I was at a wedding there and it is so pretty! :)
  • Hi Bride!
    Check out the Aldie Mansion in Doylestown.  They have different options that can help stay within the budget.  The Stations Menu might be something that works for you.  Im getting married there in June: its so beautiful and I am oh so excited! 

  • they start off by giving you a minimum gross rate for that day-- meaning regardless of how many people you have or what options you pick... you have to at least pay that minimum-- whether you reach that with people or upgrade to other packages. Price changes depending on month and day of the week.

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