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Back and Married

Hi there Ladies,

I am back.  I don't have pictures just yet, I am working on it though.  I do have a few reviews on my wedding bio.  There will be more that I will post in detail later.

Here's my advice for all of you that are crafty and want to DIY.  With regards to flowers, if you are good enough to do your own personal flowers do them(like I did).

But leave the centerpieces, church pieces and such to the pros(honestly the most expensive part of the entire floral part of the wedding are the personal flowers)--this will give you time to pamper yourself before the wedding which I didn't have time to do. 

Due to issues beyond my control, I ran out of time the last few days and I was left to triage, albeit pick and choose what was more vital and what was not.

I had to scrap our photo montage(but it will be done by the time the second reception in June rolls around), I had to give up on 1 of my 4 wedding trees. My photo guestbook from MyPublisher didn't make it in time for the wedding, partially because my FI(now DH) kept coming up with other things for me to do(our guestbook ended up being a generic guestbook from Michaels purchased in haste at the last minute with one lavender ribbon threaded through the buckle to make it look like it was indeed planned. 

The wedding tree that was given up was unfortunate because I had planned it to hold my guest cards.  I ended up having to scrap the seating chart.  That was okay since most of my guests were church members I had known forever and they seated themselves just fine at all church functions.  It just left one less pretty thing for my photographers to photograph. 

The candy buffet was an overwhelming success.  The cake was incredible.  The food was delicious.  The ceremony was heartfelt, meaningful and touching.  The music was unforgettable.  And overall I am happy with the battles I did pick and I am also greatful for the members of my bridal party who came in and helped me out at the last minute(without my asking).

I'll try to get some non-pro picks up as soon as I can.  I left Los Angeles the Wednesday right after my wedding after finishing packing up all my stuff on the 19th(2 days after the wedding).  Since then I have been dealing with Clovis being a maladjusted kitty cat(he started spraying everything in site)--finally got him fixed today so hopefully that will stop, I have resumed painting and I hope to finish the upper portion of our house in time for the carpet to be installed.

My stuff arrived on Sunday all in one piece.  My car arrives this coming Friday, so I no longer have to use my MIL's car(but she's cool with it--she's also been helping me paint).

With any luck we'll be moved into the house in about 3 weeks and I'll have some pictures by then.

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