Vendor Reviews from 10-30-10 WEdding!

Ceremony Site: Norman Chapel, in Spring Grove Cemetery - A
   The site was lovely, and the staff was professional. It was a pain to get into the venue to see how to set things up, which is the only reason I didn't give them an A+. It was worth the wait!
Reception Site: Nathanael Greene Lodge. -A+++++
 The lodge staff was SO professional. They waited on me hand and foot to ensure everything I wanted was done. They were very accomodating to all of my needs. Day of, they set everything up BEAUTIFULLY. I couldn't have asked for a better reception venue...it was perfect.
Minister: Brian Eastman- B-
 He was helpful in the beginning but was very hard to communicate with. His price does not include coming to the rehearsal. We met with him a few times to show him exactly how we wanted the ceremony done and sent him a copy of it, exactly how we wanted it and he still messed up day of. He added things we had not asked for and included things we had requested be taken out, which was a total bummer. He is not your average minister.... but if you're looking for a much livelier ceremony than the typical, he is your guy.
Flowers: H.J Benkins- A+
 The flowers were gorgeous...just stunning. They did our centerpieces as well as the bouquets and corsages. Jeff has a creative eye that is absolutely worth every dime they charge. I know they are said to be expensive, but they were worth it.
Catering: Brown Dog Cafe- A++
 They have the most amazing food you could imagine. Completely gourmet and completely delicious. When we went for our tasting, we were blown away. By far the best food I have ever eaten. Their cost per plate is also MUCH cheaper than the majority of caterers. I HIGHLY reccommend them.
Cake: Spoon Fulla Sugar- A++
 LOVED them and their cake. They were very nice and caring people. They made our wedding cake, grooms cake, and cookie favors. Their prices are more than fair for what we got. Our cake was breathtaking...and delicious!
Wedding Attire (girls): Davids Bridal- F
 I will never do business with this place again. My dress was a wreck when it came in and they never offered to fix it. I asked they at LEAST press it. Since I didn't get alterations from them, they wouldn't press it unless I paid $40. IT CAME IN WRINKLED, THE DAY I PICKED IT UP, THEY SHOULD HAVE PRESSED IT. They also overcharged each of my bridesmaids and we had to fight with them to return the money (which they did eventually). So terrible.
Wedding Attire (guys): Skeffingtons- A
 They had everything ready on time and were professional. Even consulted with us to add some color to the guys tuxes. With their guidance, the guys looked super fly! ;-)
Ceremony Music: Theresa Tremmel- A+
 She is a great organist/harpist from Indiana. She is AMAZING and super sweet. I would reccommend her to anyone and everyone. Her prices are amazing too... you can't go wrong with her. Everyone was raving about how beautiful the music was.
DJ: Great Day Productions- A+++++++
 Wow. These guys are SO professional. They made my wedding SO much fun. I am still hearing how great the DJs were, even a month after my wedding. People have said that our reception was the absolute best reception they have ever been to, and I believe it's due to these guys. They have tons of great ideas for ways to get the audience involved. You NEED to hire these guys.
Limo: Motortoys- A+
 Nice people working there, and nice limo driver. Their price for a huge hummer was super reasonable and we had it for 14 hours. It was a big bonus that day.
Videographer: Dugan Video- A+
  Great guy and great videographer. He really wants to make you happy...and he spends a TON of time on the editing to make it perfect. Highly reccommend.
Photography: Studio 3 Photography- A
The girls are great and their pictures are beautiful. They can be hard to contact at times, but they are great. Reccommend them and their wonderful personalities.

I think I got all the vendors... hmmm....
The wedding day was WONDERFUL. Please PM me if you have any questions about the vendors. I hope this helps everyone with their big days!! Laughing
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Re: Vendor Reviews from 10-30-10 WEdding!

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    I'm getting married at Nathanael Greene in March and am realy looking forward to it. I'm sending you a PM.

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    Good to know!!

    I've heard the same thing (horror stories!) about David's Bridal as well- but it worked well for my best friend who got married quickly and was on a tight budget- and who didn't really care too much about the dress.

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    I'm getting married at Nathaniel Green in June. So happy to hear they were as great as I thought they would be, also having The Brown Dog cafe do the food! The unfortunate thing is I just found my6 dress at Davids Bridal and I already knew their reputation. So I'm a little worried about that. Thanks for the review!
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    Glad I could be of help!! You guys will LOVE the lodge! :)
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    Which DB was it?  I'm about to order a dress from there so I wanted to be warned beforehand!
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    how much did you videographer charge?
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    I was in a wedding that Brian Eastman did and he tried to steal the show.  I thought he was way over the top.  I'm so sorry to hear he screwed up your ceremony.  I hope you got some of your money back.  I'd heard he charges in 15 minute increments or something like that. How tacky is that? 
    On the other hand, LOVE Brown Dog Cafe Catering!!!  Hope they helped make up for the ceremony screw up. 

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    It was the DB in Kenwood -_- Boo

    The videographer charged $1350 and was there at the rehearsal and all day at the wedding. It was cheaper than most videographers out there, and he really cares about everything on a personal level.

    Brian Eastman just had a flat charge...but yes, it was way over the top. *shrug* Oh well. The food was delicious, so it DEFINITELY made up for it!!
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    Good to hear that everyone loved your DJ.  Were they reasonably priced?  How long was your reception (4 hrs, 5 hrs, 6 hrs)?
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