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Recommendations for restaurant in Tarrytown

Looking for a great place to reunite my bridal party. Good food and a nice atmosphere a must. Thank you kindly!

Re: Recommendations for restaurant in Tarrytown

  • Forgot to mention surrounding areas okay too.
  • I really like Leftetris.  It's a Greek restaurant.  It's a small but the food is awesome! Just went there for dinner tonight :)
  • I think that Sweet Grass Grill would bo good. Lefteris is tasty, but a little loud and cramped.

    Oh! Or Tarry Tavern. FI and I went there for the first time a month ago, and it was *delicious* with great service.
  • Tarrytown has a lot of awesome restaurants on Main Street. Try Isabella's, Tarry Tavern, Sweet grass, Santa fe, lefteris gyro, Sunset Cove (seafood down on the hudson). 

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