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So my FI and I are having the major budget wedding.  Just over a year ago we had to pay for his mother's funeral (despite having a large family, it seemed nobody else could afford to contribute a dime, his step-father included).  Obiously we are not in our 20's so we are paying for most of the wedding ourselves.  Its a small wedding 56 including the bridal party and 3 parents.  We really only have 4 out of town guests not incluindg my FI's father and Aunt and Uncle. 
I know wedding ettiquite, my FI does not and its not because he is ignorant, he didn't grow up in an environment where it was even used, let alone taught.  It would be the responsibility of the Groom's family to take care of the rehearsal dinner.  My parents are helping with some of the wedding, but as they are elderly they don't have a lot to give.  
My question is what SHOULD we do about a rehearsal dinner?  We live in Boston and the wedding is in Marshfield where I grew up and my parents still live.  
Any suggestions would be most helpful.

Thank you!

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