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Blessing E-Ring?

I would like to have my engagement ring blessed.  Has anyone else had this done?  Can I ask my priest to do this before the wedding or should I ask him after the ceremony to say a prayer over my engagement ring?
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Re: Blessing E-Ring?

  • Calypso1977Calypso1977 member
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    he may be able to bless it during the ceremony when he's blessing the wedding rings....
  • kttestkttest member
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    Someone posted this awhile back, I'm going to ask my priest if he can use it during the ceremony:

    "The engagement ring is a symbol of promise and intention. Now the intention is realized and the promise fulfilled. Please place your engagement ring on *Bride’s Name* finger over her wedding band to symbolize that the love that brought you together will always protect and sustain your marriage."
  • orangecrayonorangecrayon member
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    You can get your engagment ring blessed!!

    In the arabic culture when the groom's parents ask the brides parents permission to marry their daughter on behalf of the groom, they bring wedding bands for them as a sign of engagement. The priest does a mini ceremony with the rings and blesses them. The arabic prayers goes something along the lines of "Bless these two as they are going to be joining together to make a family; make this is a great experience and allow them to get closer".

    I was blessed without my ring because my ring wasn't done as it was custom made, and because me and my FI we're waiting until August for a proposal. But our priest is a great friend and still blessed us with no ring because my FI insisted that since the priest was visiting (he was travelling from Lebanon) he wanted to incorporate that part of the culture.

    Just go into your church and ask your priest for his blessing on the rings. It's quiet common and the priest would be honoured.
  • sampattesampatte member
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    I love the engagement ring blessing!  It is such a sweet touch. 
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