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Hi Ladies! My fiance and I are having our reception at 108 Budleigh next Spring, May 11, 2013. I really want to have our ceremony at the Elizabethian Gardens, but I'm a little nervous about the possibility of it raining. Can anyone that has had their ceremony in the gardens explain the Rain Plan to me? I'm still not sure I understand it completely. It makes me nervous to think it might rain on our wedding day and we wouldn't be able to use the gardens and be out that money. Any insight or further explanation would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Elizabethian Gardens

  • I am really no help to this one, but maybe call them directly and see what they have to offer.  I also had my reception at Budleigh with a ceremony on the beach.  Had it actually rained that day, Budleigh was our rain back-up plan, so that is something for you to consider if it doesn;t work out with the Gardens.


  • It is stressful - our reception was at the Budleigh too with a beach ceremony.  I would have been out a lot of money in rentals (chairs, pillars, table, etc.) had it rained that day.  Thank goodness for clear skies! :-)
    image June 22, 2012
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