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Need suggestions

My mother passed away when I was 16 and want to do something in remembrance/ honor of her. Please give me some suggestions on what I could do.

I found this angel statue with a little girl and it says my mother my friend.
I thought that may be nice to put with some flowers at the ceremony and possibly a nice spot at the reception
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Re: Need suggestions

  • At our head table we are going to have picture frames with all of the people who are near and dear to us who have passed away. They will be at our table and not at a seperate table because they would have attended if they had still been with us.

    Hope this helps!

  • Something simple and unobtrusive would be appropriate. Remember that a wedding isn't a memorial service, its a celebration, and what you think might be a sweet method of remembering family who have passed on may trigger a not so good emotional reaction from guests.


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  • I did a yellow rose for each of my grandparents on the first row of pews at the church.  It was a short row that wasn't going to be used during the ceremony and therefore no one but the preacher and the wedding party would see them. 
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