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May 2013 Weddings


What are everyone's wedding dates?!

We are planning for Saturday May 25, 2013. Its memorial day weekend which means we won't have to take off as much time from work to go on a honeymoon :)
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Re: Dates

  • FutureMrsS13FutureMrsS13
    Third Anniversary 100 Comments
    edited April 2011
    yay! we are thinking that first weekend in may!
     BF wants to do it on a sat 5.4.2013   but i rather do it on sunday 5.5.13! but we will see he is pretty stuck on saturday.So if it as to be sat  we will do it 5.4.13!

     I wanted 5.25 also but for us dont think it will work well with the holiday :(..

     WELCOME!!! :)

  • Hey, We're thinking about May 25th as well :) I like that it's a holiday weekend and also towards the end of May so the weather may be nice by that point?!?
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  • *Crosses fingers*  and  huge cross fingers for early may.... Hahaha
  • Future Mrs. Do you have any idea when you will book a venue? You found one you really liked right?
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  • FutureMrsS13FutureMrsS13
    Third Anniversary 100 Comments
    edited April 2011
    i liked it.. BF didnt like the person running it.. and thought of it... and their prices went up... so unsure of it  because the location isnt as good... for the price...

     We saw another it is a golf course... it was nice!  but wanna see a few more.
     I told him id rather have a friday or sunday wedding. He says he doesnt care... which surprised me because he was so stuck on a saturday wedding! Sunday weddings are the most discount. I like the sound of 5.5.13! haha But if we couldnt d it sunday im Ok with a friday wedding too which would be 5.3.13!. 

     but still undecided on a venue.. damn! but i do have one other one i been looking at since 2007... its a mansion.. i may of mentioned it before... its beautiful... we will go look at it eventually...lol

     Im unsure when we would book.. Im thinking in the fall... here i called a few places and they havent even started to book for 2013! which if we have a friday or sunday wedding isnt gunna be a huge deal....

     Pro to a friday wedding would be is i know we could decorate the night before cause a wedding wouldnt take place the night before...lol

     Sunday pro its cheaper... haha! Thats why my best friend is doing a sunday wedding. very smart. Im just hoping BF parents wont care... They are super religous!

  • Currently we are thinking May 25, 2013 as well. Unless something drastic happens and we have to push it up a few weeks or back a week into June.

    We are hoping to keep it in May, since Wisconsin weather usually is pretty decent in May.
    Happy planning! Wedding Countdown Ticker White Knot
  • congrats! Im in MN so i understand the WI weather! :)
  • We're thinking 17 May 2013.  We first started dating officially on 16 May 2006, so it will fall the day after our 7th anniversary, as well as the week after I complete my Master's and the coursework for my Ph.D.  Also, if my family wants to stick around for two more days, they can be there for commencement and not have to make two trips.  :)
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  • Ditto on the Midwest weather! I'm a little nervous about May but when all is said and done the weather will be the last thing on my mind. 

    HelloKaty37: I'm in a very similar position. FI and I have been engaged for a year already and planning a May 18, 2013, so totaling a 3 year engagement. Our wedding will be the week after my Master's graduation as well. We are also beginning the house hunting process so these are just a few of the reasons why we are waiting. 

    I gotta admit, it can be hard sometimes to watch people get engaged after you then host their weddings wayyyyyy before you because planning itself will be so fun, yet it seems so far away. Once it hits the 1 year mark (next May) it will go fast because we will be so busy. In the meantime, I am definitely booking our venue by this fall and I will likely go dress shopping by this winter. A girls gotta do somethings to help with all the excitement! I've got a solid vision of the overall ambience for our wedding, so I'm not worried about changing my mind. I'm glad there are ladies talking on this board already though. Happy planning to you Smile
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  • May 18th!!! I wanted April 12th, because that's the date we started dating in 2009, but it doesn't fall on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. So we picked May 18th because I like the sound of that date!
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  • We picked May 18th as well. We have been going to the beach every year on that weekend since we met, and we thought it would be nice to have a beach wedding on the same weekend that we usually do our annual beach trip. And we always do it that weekend because we hate the crowds. Nothing like the money we are going to save doing our wedding off-season at the beach!
  • We're thinking May 25, 2013 as well! We are picking a date around my school schedule, because I will wrap up my bachelors degree in the last week of April, and hope to start working toward my masters part time at the end of August. Starting my masters will mean taking classes year-round, and If we waited longer for the wedding we'd have our choice of 2 weekends in August or 3 weekends spread over December/January where we could get married and have a honeymoon in the gaps around my school schedule. So 2013 is definitely looking like the year for us to tie the knot!

    We want to have an outdoor wedding and live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In early May, the weather probably won't be warm enough, and my birthday is the 17th so that ruled out the 18th because I didn't want those two dates to be lumped together every year. We are choosing between one of two parks with large indoor enclosures for the ceremony & reception site and are having a very small budget wedding so if there is a price hike due to the memorial day holiday we will probably move it back to June 1st! It'll definitely be one of those two weekends though, because I won't be able to start looking for a full time job until after the honeymoon so I don't want the wedding to be any further into the summer. Kind of a tough sell to start a new job and ask for a whole week off just two weeks in ;)

    I've definitely been planning already, mostly for budgeting purposes, but parks in our county only allow for rental reservations one year ahead of time.
  • We have booked for 5.25.13, I'm just worried about the weather because we have an outside venue at Smith Mt. Lake in VA which is soo sporadic in weather all the time! 
  • We are having ours on May 18th as well! We had originally planned for May 25th, but that is the only weekend our venue is not available. I'm in Indiana, and I'm hoping for decent weather! Its been known to snow in May...and also be 80 degrees...so I'm hoping for somewhere in the middle and dry! Laughing
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