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Living room picnic ideas

I want to try a living room picnic for H tomorrow night. He's been working a lot and too tired to go out add an extra hour for us to drive anywhere to eat that isn't fast food. They have also been splitting his days off so I just wanted to have a nice quiet surprise for him tomorrow. My problem is I have no idea what kinds of food to do. I want it interesting but I'm so boring that I can only think of sandwhiches. I suck. I did get champagne so the booze is covered. Any ideas would be so welcomed.


Re: Living room picnic ideas

  • Shrimp cocktail, cheese and crackers, pepperoni, grapes, cold fried chicken, cookies?
  • It's not picnic food so much, but DH and I love to have indoor date nights with fondue. I make a cheesy one and cook up some beef and chicken to dip in it. Also tart apples, veggies, and bread. Yum!
  • Chicken caesar wraps, fruit and cheese, potato salad? 
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    If you are cheese fans, I would do a few kinds of fancy cheese and some good Italian or French bread, with strawberries and grapes, and chocolate. 

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  • I like chicken salad with grapes and cashews in it on crossaints.  Fancy snadwiches :)
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  • It's not a picnic without fruit salad!
  • These are all amazing ideas. Thank you do much. The fondu idea is great but we don't have a condo set. Boo. That's something I might need to invest in soon.

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    I would do some heavier finger-food type apps with some crudites and cheeses.  You could do a sort-of fondue for dessert!  Just melt some chocolate chips in the microwave or on the stove (double broiler it if you do it on the stove), add a little milk to thin in out, add whatever else you want (PB would be good), and cut up some fruit and stuff to dip.  The milk added will help it stay liquidy for long enough to enjoy it.

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    Jk. I will definitely try that tomorrow.

  • We do sliced baguette, tomato wedges, avocado slices, bell pepper slices, cucumber sticks, and slices of feta. With premium ingredients, this is one of our favorite dinners ever. And it translates well to a picnic setting. 
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  • FH and I have picnics once a month there great! This month we made home made pizza, it was really fun!
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