Hi Knotties,
Have any of you experienced Jarfi's catering?
Apparently Glassworks has a contract with them that doesn't allow us to use our 1st choice, Ramsi's, though we are working on a scheme to push an exception. We are having a morning rooftop wedding and wanted a brunch buffet with Belgium waffle bar, and we have a few veggie/vegan friends.
Any input's appreciated, I haven't even eaten at a Jarfi's, the on the Bardstown was always empty.
Thanks <3

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    I've not eaten at their new location, but I had eaten at the Jazz Factory several times back when it was open.  It was good, not spectacular, but no complaints.  They were a tad pricey, though.  That may have been the club more so than Jarfi's, though.

    Ask for a tasting.
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    I have eaten at Jarfi's when it was in the Kentucky Center for the Arts. I was not impressed with their food at all not for the prices they were charging.
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    I'm also getting married at Glassworks and if you booked before June of 2009 they have a list of caterers to choose from.  I tasted some of Jarfi's food and looked at their prices and was not impressed. 
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    As a bride that literally just booked Glassworks last week (after River Bend Winery screwed us over) this makes my stomach turn :( I hope I have better luck with Jarfis, or that I can atleast negotiate different arrangements.
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    I booked Jarfi's for my wedding since LadyFingers couldn't do my weekend. (Bourbon Festival in B-Town). Anyways, their food at the tasting was delish!  We went out to their restaurant at the Glenmary clubhouse. Not your typical wedding food...more "ethnic". I went to a tasting that Jarfi's had at Glassworks. I was less impressed with their food there....I think it's just hard to overcome the "mass produced" food taste since it is mass produced.
    Most places over cook things. I'd say for a morning brunch you should be just fine though. Ask for a tasting!
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    Oh, if anyone has already USED Jarfi's let me know. I need some suggesstions for an evening wedding. Dinner buffet.
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    I was considering booking Glassworks,  but now that Jarfi's is their exclusive caterer - I've changed my mind. I had a tasting with Jarfi's. I told them ahead of time what I was looking for and asked them to prepare some items that would co-incide with the feel of my event. Literally everything I tasted was disgusting!!! I really hope Glassworks goes back to using a list to choose from instead. I'm so disappointed that I can't get married there now.
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