Flower girl's flower pail - check PIPs

Not only did I pick up my wedding invitations and the address labels today -- yeah!! -- I finished up the flower girl's flower pail.  And now I need advice. I've tied ribbons on the side but I'm not sure if I love them. FI says cut them so they don't look like pom-poms on a flower pail (which made me laugh because he's sorta right) or push them up to the handle. What do you think?

Here's the one with the ribbons pushed back ...

and the other ...

Sorry they are sideways. Can't figure out how to turn them on this site!!

Re: Flower girl's flower pail - check PIPs

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    Oh that is soooooo adorable!  I like the first photo better :D Glad your invites are almost ready to be sent!!!!
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    Your pail looks great!  I agree though, the ribbons look a bit like pigtails.  I'd make a nice bow and put it on the wooden part of the handle.
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    I like the first picture better as well.

    Congrats on getting so much done!
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    Very cute. I like the top one better too. Could you just make a nice bow with ribbons on one side so they don't look like pom poms? I actually don't like things to be asymmetric - but I think the rest of the world is more normal than me in that regard.

    Which invitations did you go with?
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    Thanks guys! I'm losing the pig tails ... so doesn't work.

    And as for invitations, I went with the brown ones. They look amazing and I'm thrilled.
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    Out of curiousity, where did you get them printed?

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    I got them printed at a local print shop. They were laser printed which was a tad more expensive than just the color copies. But overall to have them printed and cut (he was able to fit 2 invites on one piece of 80 lb. cardstock), it was $41. Not bad in my book for 100 invites!
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