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When should I pruchase my wedding gown if I'm getting married  July 5, 2013? Some people told me that I should have purchased it already. Is that true?

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  • I think the norm is 6-9 months... and I'm sure some places can place a rush order if needed.  The good thing is, you'll get all the latest styles for your wedding! You should be fine Smile
  • Get on it immediately. Unfortunately it's already too late for certain dresses.
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  • Some dresses can be 9 months to 1 year. Others can be off the rack.

    You still have time to shop for a dress, but make sure you tell the salesperson the date of your wedding and they will be able to guide you to dresses and designers that will work in your time frame.

    David's Bridal should be able to have dresses off of the rack, and I think someone else used Group USA and was able to buy that day as well.

    For higher end gowns, there might not be enough time, or it would be cutting it really close.
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  • You should purchase it as soon as possible. Like PPs said, it may be too late for certain designers.
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    If you are planning on ordering, you need to go now as you're already behind schedule a bit.  Off the rack, all you need is time to find it and alterations.
  • I ordered mine 3 weeks ago for my October 2013 wedding and it won't be in till May so I would say your cutting it close
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    I've also been told by several bridal shops that China basically shuts down the month of January, which is where most dresses are made, so you need to take that into consideration as well.  I ordered my Pronovias dress late Nov 2011 and it came in mid-April 2012 for my Sept 2012 wedding.  Keep in mind that alterations take time as well so you need to factor that into your time frame.  

    You'll probably have to rush order your dress.  My MOH got her Maggie Sottero dress in early Feb for an August wedding the same year and she had to do a rush to guarentee it got in on time.  
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  • Yes go now...I just ordered mine from Pronovias yesterday and its coming April wedding is May 19th (so im cutting it very close).  I also went to another bridal shop where most of the dresses would have to be rush dont prolong!
  • That's my wedding date, too! I purchased my dress mid-December and should have it in May. I went to 4 stores (Julianas and Bridal Belle in Rochester, and Bijou and Something Special in NJ) and they all said it wasn't a problem for any designer in the store. I think they prioritize by date to some extent because I've read about people ordering their dress 10 months ahead of time and still getting it around the same time. I think they do what they need to do to take in as many customers as possible (unless you are talking real high-end designers).
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