FLOWERS /Wholesale?

HI Ladies,

I'm debating between a florist and buying flowers to make bouquets for myself and the women of honor.

The wedding is in Newry.

Anyone know of a place where I can get good quality wholesale flowers? Have you done this, how did it turn out?

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    I was going to consider doing this myself and planned to use white hydrangeas since they are pretty much fool-proof to arrange.  Then I met with a couple florists and found out that it's about the same amount of money to use them.  Have you spoken to anyone up there?  I'm working with Pooh Corner Farm and she is willing to work within my budget.  Oh, and her hydrangea centerpieces in square glass vase are only $35!
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    I'm getting married in Newry as well next summer.  I am going through Davis Florist in Rumford, which is about 30 minutes away.  They gave me a great deal, about $375 for my whole wedding. (Not doing floral centerpieces, though).  That is for my bouquet, 6 BM bouquets, 6 Bouts., 4 corsages, and a centerpiece for the head table.  HTH :)
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    Whole Foods apparently does bulk orders.  Don't know if that counts as wholesale.

    Try looking here, too - Maine Florist and Growers site:
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    On the DIY board they talk a lot about getting flowers from a Costco or a Sam's Club.  I am pretty sure you can order them on line too!
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    I plan on ordering flowers from Sam's club...I think that's where MinMin ordered hers from and she was very happy with them.
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    [QUOTE]I plan on ordering flowers from Sam's club...I think that's where MinMin ordered hers from and she was very happy with them.
    Posted by kateinater[/QUOTE]

    Yeppers! I bought 80 gerbera daisies for $65 (including shipping!) I ordered online and specified when I wanted them delivered -- they came on time and in great condition. None were broken or damaged. Strangely, one bunch was a slightly darker color, but it didn't matter to me. My florist wanted to charge me $4 a flower for daisies. They also lasted almost two weeks -- longer than my bouquet! You can see pics in my married bio.

    I used them for my centerpieces, and friends of my mom's put them in the jars the day of the wedding. But I bought my bouquets. I'm totally not handy enough to make bouquets, and do you really want to be doing that the night before or the day of your wedding?

    If you do want to go that route, I think Studio Flora in Windham has bouquet-making classes. Might be worth it to learn before attempting it yourself.
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    Oh, you need a Sam's Club membership to order flowers from them, I think.
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    We are doing Sams Club order for our wedding next July. We plan on doing half floral pomanders made out of red roses (just cut the floral ball in half instead of making a whole one). We are going to use them on our church pews and then bring them to the reception to place on top of our lanterns as centerpieces. My MOH and I did a test run, and they were beautiful (not to mention WAY easier to make than I was expecting). For a 4 inch half pomander it took about 25-30 roses. At Sams you can buy 125 roses for $88. So we are going to need twenty half pomanders.. luckily, we will have about the same amount of pews and tables. Anyways, (sorry, im blabbering). After including the price for roses, floral balls, and ribbon... it's going to be about $25 per half pomander.. but we are using them at the reception too.. so it worked out perfect and inexpensively. 
    Hopefully I can put up a picture soon to show ya'll how beautiful the half pomander and centerpieces were when we test ran.

    Moral of the story... Sam's Club seems to be a great deal and all the reviews I've read so far about their flowers on day of arrival have been positive (I researched thoroughly since I am a worrier and know it would stress me out thinking they may be delivered in bad shape).
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