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Does anyone have recommendations for a cheap day of wedding coordinator? My venue gives me a coordinator for free but I don't think she'll run the ceremony. I need someone to help with the ceremony (making sure everyone's lined up, musicians know when to play what, etc). Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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    Before you go hire someone, call your coordinator and ask. My venue also includes a DOC and she coordinates the ceremony and rehearsal, too.
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    Once the ceremony starts, I believe that the officiant is in control. You need to be sure that your officiant knows exactly what you want to happen by putting together a program for him/her and reviewing it with the officiant. I can't imagine a DOC interrupting the service and saying, "Wait, the soloist is supposed to sing now, or "Stop! The musicians have to play a song before you start the vows."   :-)
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    I agree with PP - See if the venue coordinator will give cues for the ceremony.  Most do, but some are strictly facility coordinators and don't get involved with the ceremony.

    If you need to hire a ceremony coordinator, I would talk to churches.   Most churches have a handful of designated ceremony coordinators who help with the ceremony.  These ladies have tons of experience and should be fairly inexpensive.  If you have a friend or acquaintence who recently had a church wedding, see if they were happy with the coordinator there - that would be a good place to start.
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    Try craigslist. You might can find a planner who is just starting out and will charge little to nothing at all. It wouldn't hurt to have someone who is "on your side" with you all day.
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    PM me and I will give you the name of my DOC.  She's great and really REALLY affordable. 

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