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How to include DISCONTINUED china pattern pieces in a bridal registry

My fiance and I have inherited some beautiful china pieces from his maternal grandmother. It is the fine china pattern she picked out (Castleton Gloria) in 1950, but never used! She only received 3 place settings, and some various small pieces as gifts, and never completed the set. This pattern was discontinued in the 70s, and is only available purchased at replacement stores like or through auctions, eBay, etc. 

I really love this pattern and really love the idea of heirloom china, but I also really want to complete the set...the problem is I was counting on being able to register for china to receive some pieces as wedding gifts. Is there any way to register for (or include in a bridal registry) discontinued china? has the option to "register" for notifications of when pieces become available, but as far as I know, this is not actually a bridal registry in which guests can "shop" for items to buy you and check them off your gift list. It is just a notification of available inventory.

Any ideas/advice is great appreciated! Thanks!

Re: How to include DISCONTINUED china pattern pieces in a bridal registry

  • Try to register the pattern through Amazon wedding registry, as they do link to other "stores". Worth a try!
  • Thanks! Great idea!
  • While it's not as much fun as opening gifts, if you only create a small registry you'll likely get more cash gifts, then you could go purchase the china yourselves. Word of mouth from your mothers/bms might help on this one, too. (I don't usually give cash for weddings, but if I knew they were saving for something particular, I probably would)
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  • I agree with the registry idea, but PLEASE DO NOT count on cash gifts!  I have friends who have revieved thousands in cash for their weddings, while DH and I got a grand total of TWO cash gifts for our wedding and we invited 225 people.  Not that I'm complaining, a gift is gift, but don't bank on getting anything.
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