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I'm not sure about anyone else but I'm on a pretty tight budget for my wedding. I wanted to do truffles for my favors but everywhere I was looking was going to end up being over $400 for all the favors I would need. So I just found a site for a chocolate company out of vermont that had bulk truffles for 15.99 for 63!! I'm so excited and They have great flavors to choose from (we're going with the Blueberry port wine truffle) We are going to order some to sample first of course, but I just wanted to share incase anyone else on here was on a tight budget and looking :)

hope everyone has a great new year!

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    awesome!  Thanks for the info.
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    Nice find! Let us know how the samples taste.
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    Hey, ever want to make your own truffles? This sounds strange, but it's easy and fun to do...Kahlua Oreo Truffles
    1 package of Oreos
    1 package of cream cheese (bar of cream cheese), softened
    1 tablespoon Kahlua/Rum/or nothing, if you prefer no alcohol
    1 or 2 packs of Ghiardelli (can't spell it) semisweet chocolate bits, melted for dipping
    optional: handful of crushed nuts of your choosing
    , or several saved chocolate cookie parts of oreos
    , I used both pecans and Oreo cookies for dusting tops of truffles

    crush whole Oreos with filling in large  mixing bowl, crush as finely as possible, work in cream cheese to form black, sticky thick paste; form into small balls, (insert toothpicks for dipping purposes now), make oreo balls about 1 inch big. lay out on wax paper over cookie sheets, chill for about 15 minutes to half an hour in the fridge.
    melt Ghiardelli bits slowly in microwave, about 30 seconds at a time till melted. Dip balls of Oreos and place back on wax paper, removing toothpicks. Dust with nuts or curshed Oreo cookie bits, return to fridge. Makes about 48, keep refridgerated till ready to serve.
    They are AWESOMELY tasty. I also made mine with some variety: I used 70% dark chocolate for dipping some, the small tub of easy melt chocolate from the baking aisle in white chocolate, milk and dark and made tons of these for Christmas presents; they were a huge hit. Keep them in the fridge as they do have cream cheese in them.
    Get as creative as yo u like with decorating them--my future hubby's kids were really into decorating them, they used crushed chocolate, shaved chocolate, nuts, 'sparkles',crushed candy cane bits dripped and dribbled contrasting chocolate from forks, etc..
    Easy and fun and tasty, plus it's pretty cheap!
    Also, it probably gave my whole family diabetes for Christmas, but hey, it was the season of giving..
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