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So we all know that I have nothing accomplished. Well today we went to FI's step-grandmother's for Christmas Eve. We got to talking about the wedding and unbeknownst to me she makes professional cakes. She said well I will gift you a wedding cake just tell me what you want and its yours. I love that Lady. Thank you Lord for meeting my needs before I even ask. Merry Christmas everyone!!!
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Re: Cake

  • That's awesome! It will be even more meaningful, too, since she made it for you!
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    Very awesome gift!!!!  I would definitely check with your venue, though.  Ours (and most of the ones we looked at) don't allow outside food that's homemade because they don't want to be responsible if it topples or if it makes everyone sick.  It has to come from a licensed bakery.  And if it's one they don't know, the contract says they reserve the right to ask for a copy of the bakery's license!  Surprised

    If the license isn't an issue, though, that's a huge check and congrats!
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  • Our venue is my FIL back yard. We won't have a problem there. I am so excited and can't believe I am almost at 100 days.
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  • Wow! thats awesome.  I love any family touches that you can incorporate into your wedding day!
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