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website help please

I've been working on the website tk offers to us for our wedding. I'm trying to give our guests directions, as most of them are coming from out of town. I am trying to put a link on our website to a map with directions, but nothing I do seems to work, unless I want the big long link to show on the website, which I don't. There looks like an option to put a link in where you edit your site and I've tried that, but it isn't working. I've also tried googling solutions, but none I have tried have worked. Anyone have a solution? Thanks.
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Re: website help please

  • most of the websites will have it so you would type a word and then hi-light that word and then click on the button that looks like a sideways 8 and that will bring up a box where you can add your web address.  There's one down below in this post box that's next to the smiley face and they usually look like . 
  • Thanks for your help!

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