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Wedding Venue Portland Area

I am in dire need of help. We are a very very strict budget, like not even thousands. UGH! But trying to have a wedding with some class. I am hoping to have the wedding ceremony at Fort Williams but I need something kinda close for the reception. A place where I can do the food myself, but that has chairs and tables possibly? And a dance floor and lets you bring your own alcohol or has a bar. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've gone through some of the posts but haven't seen anything frugal enough. Smile Oh and we are expecting just under 100 guests.
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Re: Wedding Venue Portland Area

  • Heads up, if you rent out a place that already has a bar, due to Maine state liquor laws it could be very hard to bring your own alcohol. Or bring alcohol to a place that doesn't already sell alcohol. So if you do find a place that is within your budget make sure you double and triple check their stace on alcohol.
  • It's not nearby, but check out Kingsley Pines in Raymond.  It's a little more rustic than you might be looking for, but I believe you can bring in your own alcohol and food.  It's got a gorgeous lake that you can get married on. 

    I'm not aware of any place in the Portland area that lets you bring your own food and alcohol but provides tables, chairs, dance floor, etc.  Most places require a licensed bartender even if you need to supply your own. There's a significant amount of liability that comes with the alcohol piece that most venues aren't going to gamble with. 
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  • Thank you girls. the bringing alcohol isn't something that has to be, but alcohol is something that i was just checking on, be it bring your own or a bar already there. I hate being on a tight budget, but I can't see going into debt for my wedding. And we have no help so doing it all on our own, my fiance is the only one working, and im going to school. so its tough but i am determined to do it. Thanks for your input.
  • What exactly is your budget for your reception?  If we know a ballpark number, we might know some places that would work for it. 
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  • I picked fort Williams no alcohol so that's something I don't have to worry about.
  • Check out Sprague Hall in Cape Elizabeth.
  • Check out the North Dam Mills in Biddeford. They are definitely cheaper and seem to be pretty flexible about bringing your own stuff! Good luck!
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